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What you can expect from our Senior sessions

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High School Senior Portraits are some of the most exciting sessions! All that is youth, energy, ambition, and beauty is wrapped up in a Senior ready to embark on life full of promise! Seniors keep me young, and I love creating amazing and beautiful portraits for them!

This session is like no other. There’s only a short time to really capture the enthusiasm and excitement of this wonderful transition from kidhood to adulthood. Don’t miss it!

It is our goal to make the whole experience of the Senior session something awesome. Your friends will be amazed by your portraits! From the time you arrive all the way through shooting, and the stellar products you receive, we want it to be something to look back on and enjoy. Unlocking the inner beauty of seniors is what we do best! You are going to have fun! Fun dressing “to the nines” for your session, fun with hair and makeup, fun showing of the real you, and fun passing out the photos that are going to knock the socks off your friends!

It’s not every day you get to dress up and be glamorous, but that glamor is always in there. Let’s show it to the world for a little while!

There is some fabulous information below for gals and guys to help you prepare for your senior session. Remember, I’m here for you if you have questions. Never hesitate to ask! You can call or text me (Rachel) at (424)237-8378 or drop an e-mail [email protected]. And you’ll always be able to find me on Facebook, so look us up there to stay on top of all the latest news!

See you soon!!

Info for Senior Gals

Info for Senior Guys

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my friends to the session?
Yes, we encourage you to bring someone either a friend or mom to help with clothing changes and hair/makeup, but limit the number to no more than 3. To many people will distract you from the shoot, and we want to make sure your portraits really shine!
What should I wear?
Good Question! Pick some outfits that you think flatter your figure and face the best. Bring several with combinations of pants/shorts, skirts and dresses. and we can help you choose what is going to bring out your best features and color. A good idea is to plan for a dressy outfit, a casual outfit and something in between or sports related. Don’t wear flip flops though, they NEVER look good. Dresses and heels ALWAYS look good!
Do I get the digital photos?
The digital prints are available for purchase. Also keep in mind that we post some “sneak peek” photos to our Facebook page that you are welcome to share on your timeline!
Can my horse/dog/parrot/boyfriend be in some shots?
Yep! Bring along anything that you think really defines YOU as a senior. Sports gear, special pets (let us know in advance) or special people. Just don’t bring your whole High School, that’s what yearbooks are for. 😉