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What to Expect for Newborn Sessions

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Congratulations on your new addition! What an exciting time!! This information is provided to help you prepare for your newborn session. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can contact me via phone, 424-237-8378, or e-mail [email protected]. I am very excited to meet your little one and honored to capture these first sweet moments for you.

There are a few tips that you can follow to make sure we have the smoothest newborn session possible. Keep in mind that the baby will be running the show, and we will go with the flow. Following these instructions will help, but don’t stress out about it in any way. Your baby is a beautiful miracle and I will customize your session to capture priceless memories of your amazing newborn.

1. On session day, please keep other activities/visitors to a minimum. We don’t want baby to be totally overstimulated.

2. Ideally you should keep baby awake as much as possible the hour or so before session begins. This can be challenging, but please do your best as a sleepy baby is our goal.

3. If the session is in your home, please choose a room with the most window light and be sure that room is tidy and clear of any extra furniture. I will always have “back up” light just in case, but prefer to use natural light for the newbies.

4. Make sure that room is very warm. The room should feel uncomfortably warm to you in order for baby to be comfy.

5. About 20 min before session starts you should undress baby and loosen diaper. Keep baby wrapped snuggly in a blanket and feed baby. It’s fine for the little one to fall asleep now. If you are coming to the studio feed baby before leaving home. Keep them in their car seat when you arrive.

6. If there are certain props from your home or heirlooms that you would like included in the portraits, please have those ready and accessible.

7. I will be using mom/dad in certain poses. Please dress appropriately in solid colors with no patterns. Soft, light colors always look great, but black is a good option as well.

8. The shoot will last 2-4 hours. We will have plenty of time for feeding/ changing/snuggling breaks, so don’t feel rushed at all, but don’t make any solid plans or appointments for directly after the session as we may need some wiggle room.

9. All of the blankets/props I will use are washable, and I’m more than prepared to deal with some pee/poop/burble. Don’t be concerned about those things happening, it’s all part of the job!

I consider each baby to be it’s own special miracle, and each portrait session an opportunity to capture those magical first moments. I love babies and children, and want you to know that your baby’s safety is the first and foremost thing I consider in every pose and prop. If you have specific requests for poses please let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Thank you for letting me be a part of this very special moment in your lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to make sure my baby is ready for the session?
Heat the room where the session will be so that baby will be comfortably warm undressed. Interact with baby and try to keep them awake the hour or two before the session. Then just relax and enjoy baby’s first time in the spotlight!
Can I request poses or backdrops that I see on Pinterest?
I’m always up for suggestions and requests! Keep in mind that baby is in charge of the show and while I will work hard to make things happen, we’re going to go with the flow and keep baby comfortable and happy!
What if my baby pees/poos on the props and things?
No worries! All our backdrops and props are washable on purpose! 🙂 Baby messes will happen, it’s just all part of the fun! And don’t fret, I’ll take care of the mess!
Can my other kids be in the photos?
Yep, absolutely! We always welcome siblings to be in a shot or two as well as parents! The shining star of the session is going to be baby, so we will usually have siblings there for either the first part or the very end to get some cute photos with the new addition.