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I honestly hope that your summer has been much less hectic than ours! 🙂 Our twin gals decided to come early at 33 weeks and while they were strong and healthy for that age, they had a bit of learning and growing to do. We spent 6.5 weeks in the special care nursery all together so I managed to miss most of our summer. BUT it was all worth it in the long run because now we are all home together and have two beautiful baby gals that I’m so happy to get to take photos of! The good thing (if there can be one) about premies is that their “newborn” window is longer. So even though they didn’t get photos taken till 7 weeks old, they still can do the fun newborn set ups! I’ll be sharing lots of their images over the next few weeks/years, ha ha! But for now I’m proud to introduce to you…

Our Beautiful Twins!