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Eva 3 Month005

This was my second session with Miss E, well third if you count when she was still in mama’s tummy! 🙂 She did SO well! These tiny ones have limited windows of attention available for something like multiple changes and a camera all up in their face, but she was a trooper, and didn’t really object at all till the end when we tried to put her in a pot. By then she decided she’d had enough, but that was fine. There were so many adorable photos already to choose from! Some of my favorites where the “mommy and me” photos. She briefly fell asleep and those were precious too! It’s always amazing to me how quickly these little ones change. Glad I got to see this sweet girl at this stage of smiles, and fist chomping!

Eva 3 Month027
Eva 3 Month021
Eva 3 Month010
Eva 3 Month013
Eva 3 Month031