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Sir Timoty 007

I got to spend part of a day with this adorable chunk muffin, and some of his family. This little dude is actually the youngest of 14 brothers and sisters! He has plenty of spoiling ahead of him!! I could not get enough of his adorable little fat rolls and sweet expressions. He was alert and happy through the first part of his shoot, so I got some awesome eye-open shots which often aren’t possible with the newborns. All in all this guy had one phenomenal shoot, and I just love all the photos! Most of you know I do a combo of natural light and “flash” photography. For this session I used my new lighting set up, and fell in love with the perks of these lights! It’s way too hard to pick a favorite this time around!

Sir Timoty 015
Sir Timoty 025
Sir Timoty 013
Sir Timoty 017