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Meet Mr. X! He is one handsome little chunk muffin! I had such a good time with him and his amazing Mommy and Daddy during our shoot. Funny thing about this little man. He is one good aim with his squirts. 😉 He managed to hose down mom and her pretty blouse AND the carpet all before our very first shot! Ha ha! Not only that, but on his very last shot of the day, his Daddy has his arms wrapped lovingly around the little man when we all heard an unmistakable noise, accompanied by a good grunt. 😉 Yep, Daddy had a handful of… well, special treasure. 😉 He was such a good sport though, didn’t freak out, or move away and we were able to get one of my all time favorite shots before he had to get cleaned up. 😀 Mr. X’s photos are precious, I had such a good time with him, and I can already tell he’s going to be a pretty awesome lil dude!