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I’ve been taking a lighting course through January from a photographer who’s style I love! It’s been great to put new techniques into practice. I’ve used studio lighting in the past, but always preferred the look of natural light. However, as my client’s know, I take my mobile studio to their homes, and look like I’m moving in for a month! 😉 This makes the lighting variable as it’s different in everyone’s home. Usually it’s not a problem to find good light somewhere in the house, but I like to have the option of using studio lighting when necessary and still get that natural light look. Yep, it’s possible! I’m excited to use these new lighting techniques in upcoming sessions. It’s easier to be creative when you have full control of the light!

Anyway, here are some shots I snagged of my 3 little monkeys the other day while I was practicing dramatic lighting. 😉 They are usually more than willing to have their moment in the spot light, and like to pose for my camera. I’m enjoying that while it lasts because, I imagine, there will come a time when they aren’t so thrilled to have mom’s camera stuck in their faces.