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I love moody black and whites! DSC_4126
I did an interview with the Lad and here are his answers! 🙂 Qade's Favorite Things

This was a special 5 yr old shoot, because this is MY five year old!! Yes, our oldest has turned 5!! He’s now in the land of scholars too. It’s so hard to believe he’s this big already!

This set up didn’t go as expected. Ya know, sometimes you have an idea in your head, but making actually happen ends up being a lot different than you anticipate. Oh well, there are times you just go with the flow and make it work. 🙂 This was one of those. I’ve discovered through this experience, that balloons don’t like to play nicely, nor do they get along well with one another. Live… learn… don’t do balloons again. Yep! 😉