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I haven’t done a fix-it-friday in awhile. As good as my intentions are to do one each week, just because I find it so much fun, I often forget to do it. Some weeks by the time Friday actually rolls around it’s difficult to focus on doing anything “extra” even if it is fun. 😉

But I do like to edit and I do like to play with other people’s photos so this week I did! This photo is not mine. It was provided by a great photographer (Kiwi Photography) who was also posting a tutorial on how to remove green color cast. That is what happens sometimes when shooting people in or around green stuff like grass and such.

Here is the original image.

You can see that it’s a bit on the dark side, and the lovely gal is looking a little green as well. I did not go through the tutorial, though I may at another time.

Here was my “simple edit” image that I used Aperture 3 for. I did a little sprucing up on the girls face, removed some under the eye issues, and blemishes as well as just a touch of skin smoothing. I did bump up the exposure and the vibrancy a little and added some extra luminance to the yellows and reds. I actually like this edit a lot and it would probably be the one I would show to the client.

FIFKiwiPhotography (1)

Then I wanted to play with another tutorial that I’ve been eyeballing about getting richer tones out of a somewhat “flat” image. This was my first attempt at this edit. I used Pixelmator and added a soft light layer and a multiply/blur layer. Then I masked them and painted back in over the girl, and fiddled with the opacities a bit. I think that I should have taken the opacity of the multiply layer down just a bit more as this one is just a touch to contrasty for my liking. But it was fun to play with. 🙂 I’ll be using this technique in the future for sure as it really is pretty simple, but makes a big difference in the background tones.

Rich Color Tone

It was fun to participate in this again today! Have a fabulous weekend!


So I couldn’t resist trying out one more edit. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get that hazy, late-sunshine, look in photos. Since I work out of pixelmator and not PS I sometimes feel at a disadvantage because I can’t use all the schpiffy actions that are floating around out there. HOWEVER, in another way I like that it forces me to do things “from scratch” so to speak. Anyway, I finally had an epiphany (of sorts) this afternoon, and I had to test it out on this image. I like the result myself.

Which edit is your favorite?