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I haven’t participated in a Fix-it Friday by iheartfaces in awhile. They changed things around a bit on their site, and I often don’t see the fix-it Friday posts. However, I came across it today and since I like to play with photos, I decided to give it a go! 🙂

FixItFriday141CopyrightAmyRenea (1)
This is the original photo by Amy Renea. Just to keep it cleared up, I did not take this photo. It was submitted by another photographer to use for this fix-it Friday project. 🙂 Very cute photo of an amazing red-head lad! I just LOVE his hair!! A lot of times I like to convert the photos to black and white, but I knew I just had to leave that brilliant hair in full color! 😉

I used Aperture 3 for the edit. The first thing I noticed was that it seemed a little dark on his face. On my edit I brightened it up a bit, and added a vignette to keep the focus on the cute freckled face. 🙂 I smoothed out skin tone a bit with a color monochrome and brought the level down a lot so it wouldn’t look too colorized. Next I used a little smoothing on his skin to take out a bit of the dry skin flakes he had. Sharpened the eyes and the hair a bit, and I think that’s about it. I had a good time with this project. Come back next Friday and see what edits I come up with. 😉

FixItFriday141CopyrightAmyRenea - Version 2