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My niece is 3 now! Hard to believe she’s that big, but it’s true. When I was contemplating what to “do” for her session, because I’m into sessions that “do” something with kids of this age. Just boring old “say cheese” sessions are a thing of the past! 😉 Maybe… But first we DID get in the pretty birthday dress photos.

Helen 3 yr old Blog 2

Anyway, I had a thought to try finger paint. I mean, it’s a staple experience of 3 yr olds right? Sure it is! Because I’m not brave enough to try it with a 2 yr old yet. 😉 Helen had a fantastic time, and incidentally created some pretty amazing works of art. She was a little timid at first just using one finger. As you can see, she warmed right up to all that paint. It was fun! I love sessions that are fun for the kiddos as well as me and the parents, and who doesn’t enjoy watching the creative side of their munchkins? 🙂


Helen Finger Paint Blog 1