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Not really… you can look too. 😉

It’s my Favorite Publication!! I like it even better than Reader’s Digest, and that’s saying a lot! 😉 It’s Professional Photographers magazine!!


I’m not sure how, but I scored a 4 month free trial subscription to the magazine last year. Let me tell you, I gobbled up every one of those issues!! I canceled it after the trial, but I started to miss my month dose of “shop talk.” Because really…. can you talk to your “normal” friends about shutter speed and f-stops? Nah, I didn’t think so. 😉 That’s what Facebook groups and great magazines like this are for. Anyway, a very loving relative got me a subscription for Christmas, and I am so happy to be browsing the pages again!

And one of the features I especially love is called “folio” where they take images from PPA’s “loan collection” (wow) and they give you all the info on it! What cameras they used, how they did the lighting, the exact settings and such. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Love it!


Then of course, there’s fantastic articles to help you with business-savvy, or marketing strategies or just a little motivation to take things to the next level. I especially liked this article about Vicki Taufer because she was a speaker at the Chicks who Click conference. We got to hear this story first hand about the adoption-drama of her daughter and the subsequent monumental changes that she has made to her VERY successful business. Just a fabulous and inspiration story!


It’s full of awesome stories like that, tips and tricks, and of course outstanding images! Ahhhh….

So if you’re a photographer and need a little pick-you-up once in the month, think about subscribing to this magazine. I’m not a huge mag-fan, but I do like this one a LOT! 🙂 For what it’s worth.