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One of my new favorite products of all time, is the gallery wrap. I’m relatively new to this experience as most of the products I have purchased up to this time, for myself OR for my clients has been limited to prints. Which is understandable since prints are what you pass out to people or frame and give as gifts.

However, now that I have several canvas wraps hanging on my own walls I have made it my mission to let my clients in on this amazing product! Once you see the difference that a well placed canvas can make in your own home decor, you’ll wonder why you never did it before too!

Here is one of my canvases. This is a photo of our bug-a-boo for her first birthday cake smash session. Here she is completely absorbed in the bowl of sprinkles. We have this in a 16×24 and it makes such a statement on the wall!


I love how well the details come through on the canvas!!


The sides are 1.5 inches so it does stand out from the wall a bit which is a nice way of capturing attention. The image “wraps” around the sides of the canvas.


One great thing about these is that they come ready to hang, and it requires minimal prep from you to have your wall displays up and ready. When you consider the cost of matting and framing prints, especially if it’s custom, it’s really comparable to what you’d pay for the ready-to-go and wow factor of a canvas wrap.

Not every portrait is going to be “the one” that you’d want to use as a canvas. Obviously it’s going to be something that you will keep on the wall for a VERY long time. So portraits that you think you’d like to change out every year or ever couple of years aren’t going to be the ones you’d choose for a canvas wrap. But one day you’ll be sitting in your viewing session and you’ll see THAT image that says to you, I want to have this displayed FOREVER, and you’ll know you’ve found your canvas! 😉