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I love the look of a gauzy wrap for newborn photos! There’s something so etherial about them. I’ve seen wraps made of different fabrics and some work better than others, but one you just can’t beat is cheesecloth! It is so loosely woven that it leaves just a wee suggestion of a wrap while you’re still able to see all the sweet itty-bitty toes and fingers on the baby. Love it!

I had a package of cheesecloth that I picked up from a fabric store on a whim one time when shopping for something else. It had a 6 yrd piece of cheesecloth in it. I chopped it up and got 5 wraps out of that, and then I had to get all experimental. 😉


Cheesecloth works just on it’s own just fine. It makes a great wrap for maternity shots, and of course the wee ones too! However, it can be just a little boring to use it just “plain” all the time. So I thought of some ways to get a little color involved. I didn’t want to invest in fabric dyes, because for one thing I didn’t have that much cheesecloth and for another I was trying to keep it as pocket friendly as possible. I picked up a couple packets of Koolade for this very purpose. I do NOT drink that stuff or give it to my kids. Drinking it all the time growing up just ruined it for me, ha!


It worked, but the purple turned out pink just like the “Dark Cherry.” I didn’t want 2 pink ones so I took out my food coloring and got back to work. I used blue and green and added vinegar to them. The green is SOOOO pale that you can’t see a color at all when it’s completely unwrapped (but I still like it), and the blue one turned out PINK again!! I started to learn a few things about dyes. 😉 So I added RED to what was left of the blue and submerged it again. That turned out to be the vibrant pink wrap.


One of the other pink wraps I dunked in with yellow and it turned out a melony orange which I was pleased with as well. The beige-ish one was the one I dyed with tea. I think it turned out the most predictably. 😉

The point is I just goofed around with stuff I already had, and ended up making something that I’m thrilled with. Now I need to get some bitty-babies in to wrap up in my pretty cheesecloths! 🙂