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So I got to shoot my first ever horse themed Senior Portrait session! I was so thrilled to get to do this. I have a confession, I’ve been slightly obsessed with horses ever since I was old enough to recognize them from cows! 😉 Once when I was about 5 a neighbor’s pony escaped early one morning, and was helping himself to our yard full of green grass. I peeked out the window, saw him and yelled, “Mom, there’s a horse in our yard! Can we keep it?” I didn’t realize that they don’t just rome free for the taking. 😉

I never have had a horse of “my own” but I have had friends with horses who let me ride whenever I took the notion. So getting to photograph Stefin with his horse Pistol got me my horsey fix for a little bit! Pistol took the whole experience in stride, and was a fantastic model as long as I didn’t try to use my reflector. BUT I kinda expected that. It frightens me sometimes too. 😉

I’ve known Stefin for 7 years or so. He is my husband’s cousin, and I still can’t believe he is old enough to be a high school senior!! Stefin too, has always loved horses! He has entertained my kids on quite a few occasions with some of the horse figures he had in his collection. Pistol was a gift to him from an uncle when he was in the 7th grade, and he has spent lots of time with this amazing pal!

Stefin, your senior photos turned out fabulous! You did a great job, and I love that you wanted to involve your horse! Thanks for letting me tag along and get a few photos of the 2 of you! 🙂

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