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I confess that I bribe some of my youngest clients with various things to keep sessions running smoothly. I use things like stickers and stuffed animals, puppets, bubbles and pinwheels. Anything to keep those little attention spans in motion! However, I’m not above having smarties or M&M’s and even Goldfish in my pocket ready to produce at a moment’s notice if necessary! 🙂 I try to save the “nummy” bribes for late in the session when singing e-i-e-i-oh has worn out and “Uh-oh” and “Boo!” no longer get a response. 😀 Anything to keep getting those little grins! Of course, it’s a little difficult to grin with a mouth full of goldfish, but we’ll take what we can get.

This particular session was with my own lil’ Bug-a-boo who was modeling the new Christmas tutu set her Auntie made for us. She is nutso about goldfish, or in this particular cace “Whales” which are the off brand. Ha!

As you can see a couple of the whales got lost in all the tule! She did her best to dig them all out, but one managed to get squished by her little foot!

I was laughing so hard over this little spectacle of a be-tutued little gal trying her best to “shake” whatever it was on her foot off!

I was waiting for the frustrated squeals to start, but she didn’t really seem to mind. She was just a little confused about where all these “gold” crumbs had come from. Ha ha! Oh, this is such a fun age to capture! They absolutely NEVER do what you want them to for the camera, but you end up getting SO much more than you imagined. They’re so real! Love it!!