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I’ve been devouring this blog mini-series written by Radiant Photography. They’ve been writing about how to have an amazing family photo session experience, and I have to say that I totally agree on their take and love they way they write it.

One of the things I try to stress to my own awesome clients is to be relaxed and to go with the flow. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Family Portraits. And even MORE ESPECIALLY when it comes to Family Portraits with young kids. 🙂 Most people, moms in particlular, will have expectations in their head about the portraits that they want to end up with. They may be based on a family portrait that you’ve seen in someone’s home or online, even pinterest! But generally speaking, before the phone is even picked up and the session booked, there is and will be expectations about the session.

Not only will the clients have expectations, but the photographer will as well. Oh yes they will! As soon as the session is on the books that photographer’s creative (and technical) brain will start working overtime to plan, prepare and create the “dream session” that they carry around in their head.

So… one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to do in the preparation for this session on BOTH the client and the photographer’s side is to compare expectations. That means that communication absolutely must happen before the time of the session. A brief 5-10 minute chat before the camera starts clicking is not going to achieve anyone’s expectations unfortunately. And that’s one thing that sets aside custom photography. It’s an investment of time and energy on the client’s and photographer’s side. The more communication that takes place before the session the better.

Never feel like you are “bugging” or being an inconvenience to your photographer when you call or e-mail them your questions, or thoughts about your session. All of that information is a HUGE help as we plan out your session that we desperately hope will genuinely be a reflection of YOU. Getting together, in person or over the phone, with your photographer is the best thing you can do to keep things in line with your expectations.

All of that to say that communicated expectations are the best ones to have.

Then I’m going to turn around and say that you need to let them all go!

That’s what THIS ARTICLE was about. You can stress out and freak out because your well thought out, planned and prepped session isn’t going at all along the lines of your expectations. Or you can relax, let it go, and thoroughly enjoy your photo-day experience. Let the real you’s come shining through and leave it up to the photographer to capture those shining moments that will leave you breathless when you see your finished photos!

Let those little monkeys run around. That’s what they do best, right? Forget about having the perfectly posed portrait and enjoy each other and the whole reason why you want photos in the first place. You remember that reason, right? It’s because you don’t want to miss these moments! So let us capture them while you enjoy making them, and laugh to yourself when someone looks at your family portrait and says, “I want one that looks JUST like that!” 😉