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I have an extremely talented sis-in-law! She’s amazing! She actually takes her pinterest ideas and turns them into something real. While I mostly just pin stuff because I think it’s cool and “one day” I may get around to actually doing some of those projects. 😉 Ha!

Anyway, she made an adorable Christmas themed tutu and headband with a sweet little ribboned shirt! Love it! Sweetpea got to be the model for the shoot and we had a fun time twirling and being a little girlie! 🙂 Here’s the front. Love that shirt!

She was munching on goldfish the entire time too, so her mouth was occupied in chewing rather than grinning. Here’s the back. 🙂

And I thought this one was cute as she was trying to catch her balance! Or maybe she’s practicing a dance move??

Finally got one little smile out of her! 🙂 We had a great time! Thanks Auntie for the awesome set! We’re going to keep this for other little gals to use in their Christmas Portraits!
DSC_7183 (1)