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Last Christmas a friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of she and her hubby in the snow that had been snapped by a professional photographer. The thing was, they hadn’t scheduled a photo shoot for that day. They just happened to be out hiking in the woods when the snow started coming down. They pulled out their point and shoot and were attempting to take photos of themselves when a photographer, who was waiting on clients, saw them and ‘ambushed’ their little shoot. It was a fun experience for them, AND they actually got some sweet shots of themselves in the snow! How fun!

While I’ve never yet had the guts to go hijack someone for photos, I think the concept is kind of cool. I also don’t want to come off as a creep or stalker-like, so as of now, I’ve only ever done impromptu shoots with my friends and family. Someday though, I’m sure of it, that opportunity will pop up, and I hope I’m brave enough to take it. I really do want to “share” photos with people, but I’ll have to break out of my introvert shell a bit more before that happens. 😉 Watch out though, if you’re around me long enough, you’ll likely end up in my photos! Ha ha!

These are pictures of my niece that I snagged “impromptu” one day when we were all together. 🙂