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I have a friend, her name is Heather. She has a hubby and 2 little boys, 2yrs old and 7 months. Just before Thanksgiving Heather’s husband Kevin took her tot he ER with a severe headache and difficulty speaking. The CT scan revealed a large tumor in her brain. She had major surgery to remove the mass. It was cancer, stage 4.

Before they could get into a cancer treatment center to discuss options Heather again had to be taken to the ER with intense headaches. Likely, they were told, it was due to swelling from the surgery, but they had a CT scan to check things out. What they saw was a tumor nearly the same size as the one before! In less than a month Heather was undergoing major brain surgery for a second time.

Yesterday, Jan 4, Heather underwent surgery for a 3rd time on the same tumor which is aggressively growing and was again back to the size of the original tumor in just a couple of weeks time. Heather does not have much time left. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to meet her and know her. Her beautiful smile is full of sunshine, and you always feel happy just to see her smile. Heather’s little boys are not going to have the chance to know and remember their mommy’s smile. They won’t remember her laugh or the way she cuddled them and played with them. But they are going to know she did!

A day before Heather’s second surgery a photographer spent part of the day with them. She captured images of them playing together, snuggling, tickling, and laughing. These are the memories that those boys will have of their mommy! They are too young to understand cancer and it’s effects. They won’t remember their mom sick or in pain. What they will remember is the love that is so obviously displayed through these photos. Take a minute to look at these beautiful family memories HERE and HERE.

You know, I’m so glad that Heather was given the opportunity to have these photos taken. They had some “advanced notice” so to speak, that their time together wouldn’t be long. We don’t all get that.

So why did I tell you this hear-wrenching story? Because none of us knows what is in our future. But what we do have is NOW. We have a chance to create and capture those memories now! Don’t wait to capture your family as they are. Don’t wait to lose those extra few pounds, or till you can get a face lift. 🙂 Do it now! And I’m not saying that you have to book a custom photography session. I realize that it is not the right fit for everyone. But if you don’t book with me, then make an appointment with someone, somewhere! Make getting some great family photos a priority this year. Capture the memories while you can, and remember to hold tight the ones that you love and savor every moment!

On March 6, 2012 at 11:30am Heather took her last breath. She had been given 2 sweet months with her family to love on them and be the wife and mommy she always wanted to be. She was able to celebrate Valentines Day with the love of her life before the cancer confined her to her bed. Now her suffering is over, and I know that she made the most of the days that were given to her. Uplift her husband Kevin and her little boys Judah and Levi in prayer as they work through the difficult days ahead without their beloved wife and mommy.