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This past year was a big one for CDO Studios! I have to say that looking back over it, we had a great year! Some of the highlights, besides all the amazing people I got to photograph, were the workshops I was able to attend. SO much information that seriously 7 months later I am STILL processing it!


Something that I love about photography is how you keep learning, keep growing, keep adding tools to your “tool box” of creativity. It’s not stagnant at all! You can ALWAYS improve and keep moving forward. Sure, I have had moments of self doubt this year. Things do not always go as planned, of course. But honestly I think the times that I stressed and struggled the most where the times when I really had to push myself to be better, and I’m happy that I got to have those learning experiences.


This year, I had the great opportunity for a one-on-one workshop with Daniel J. Pesta. He is an amazing photographer, and I know that my photography has never been the same since spending the day with him and his fantastic assistant, Kevin. I learned some very “simple” things that completely changed the way I take photos. COMPLETELY!


And the PPA Charity “Chicks who Click” conference was such a highlight! I sure hope I’m able to go again. I had so much fun meeting other photographers, and “talking shop” with those who knew. And the speakers they had were phenomenal!! That had to be the single most inspiring event for me this year! I came back and got to work making some much needed changes from pricing to website and even facebook! 🙂 Thanks to all those fantastic people! You all rock!!


I also discovered some things about myself this year. I don’t actually enjoy EVERY kind of photography! Huh? Yeah, I had heard people talk about finding your niche, and while I think it’s still a work in progress for me, I have found that I like certain aspects of it more than others. And it surprised me too! I mean things that I thought I would love I didn’t enjoy that much, and other things that I didn’t expect to like to do, were loads of fun! It’s helped me to focus in a bit, and I think that in 2012 I’ll see that focus getting even tighter! It’s great!


I have found joy in taking great portraits for people, and I think that this next year that will increase even more. I realize now, more than when I first began, how very important photos can be. Photos that are more than just “say cheese” kind of posed shots. The ones that touch your heart strings, and let you know that THIS is the moment I want to remember forever. Those are the kind of photos that it’s my goal to take at every session.


So come along with us into the new year! We are so excited about what is going to be happening with CDO Studios this year!


Tell your friends, and your parents, and your kids, and your grandparents! Give us a call, and let us help you capture those memories that are ‘coming up’ this year. Are you graduating? Getting married? Having a baby? Baby turning One? Well, we are here with you to snatch up those memories before they flit away!

Happy New Year! Make 2012 the best EVER!

Three lil monkeys