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I’m totally loving the new backdrop fabric that I got for the newborns. I’ve been eyeballing this stuff for quite some time, and finally found some at a swallowable price. 😉 I just LOVE it!! Woooo-hoooo! I had a feeling that I would but until I had actually shot with it I couldn’t know for sure. I’ve had a couple of others that I bought thinking that they’d photograph beautifully and was disappointed in. Not that they didn’t look nice, they just didn’t look how I “imagined” ha! Ya know, that perfect picture we photographers carry around in our brain the moment some backdrop or prop suggests an idea to us. 😉 Don’t hate, we honestly can’t help it! Ha ha!


Anyway, I got some of this fabric in a beautiful turquoise color and a deep purpley/plum color. I had an opportunity to use the turquoise on a shoot recently and decided that it was going to be my NEW favorite!! I fell in love with the vibrant color and the way it just pops! I love the texture of it with the ruffles (though cloning on it was quite a challenge) and I think my favorite feature is that it doesn’t wrinkle!!!! Yay!!


I know I could iron, but since my studio is “mobile” most of the time, especially with the newborns, it’s just not practical to tote along backdrops that I’d have to iron or steam. So the non wrinkle-ness is a key feature of the fabric I look for. I’m glad that I found this ruffle fabric. It can be a challenge to get all the ruffles going in the right direction, but with a little fluffing and flipping it can be done. 🙂 I already have some pictures in my head (see, told you I can’t help it) for some other colors with spring time/Easter babies. So stay tuned for those. In fact, you’ll probably see quite a bit of ruffles on my blog after this…. love it!!