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One of the biggest reasons that I have, personally, for having life moments captured in beautiful photography is to hold on to those memories for as long as possible. There’s one thing I’ve realized as I’ve grown older and that is that life does not slow down or stop for anyone. The amazing moments fly by almost before we’ve noticed, and suddenly they are just a memory.

Sadly though, sometimes life does come to a crashing halt when tragedy strikes. My heart has been touched by several tragedies in recent months that makes me catch my breath and think hard about what is REALLY important. Everyone will have different answers to what that is, but for me it means I hold my loved ones a little tighter. I spend that extra minute listening carefully to my 4 yr old’s ideas. I tickle tummies a little more, and I patiently wipe the tears for every little “owie.” And another thing it makes me do is take more photos and video. I don’t ever want to forget what my life is like right NOW.

The people who have lost important pieces of their life recently would, I’m sure, give anything to have a few more memories to make. I’m also sure that they are clinging to the ones that they have much tighter these days. Even I need reminders to stop and catch the moments with my own amazing family. It happens so fast! Just today a fellow photographer shared a story about a mommy who was taken suddenly from her husband and baby girl. The beautiful portraits of them together will never “fix” the fact that she is gone, but someday that little girl will get to know her mommy, in a way, through the lifelike portraits that she has.

In my mind that’s what makes being a photographer so special. People let you into their life for just a brief time, yet you are able to capture those moments in a way that will be lifelong memories for everyone who enjoys a photograph that you create. I love that! It’s so much more than a good head shot, or a senior picture. It’s more than a bride and groom’s first kiss as man and wife, it’s more than a sweet baby’s first smiles. It’s a bit of your past that you can bring with you into your future.

That’s why I love my work!