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People think that since you are a photographer, you MUST have brilliant images of your own kids. Right? Ha ha ha! Well, perhaps that is the case with some, but let me tell you, I have found it challenging to get the images of my kids from my brain onto an actual print.

For one thing, you parents understand this, your own children never listen and respond to you as their parent the same way they do to someone who is basically a stranger. It’s a sad, sorry trick, but it’s very true. I can get adorable smiles and looks from other children, by simply talking to them, making noises, or asking questions. When it comes to getting portraits of my own kids, I might as well be speaking to a brick wall. 🙂

Yet, I admit that my children are the reason I am a photographer today. I wanted good photos to document their all too fleeting growing up years. I was frustrated with the cookie-cutter studios who missed SO many great moments and expressions then tried to sell us on images that did not reflect who/how our child was at that time.

So I got a good camera and started on my journey to learn how to REALLY be a photographer. And even though I still have a hard time getting them to all look where I want them too at the same time, I love the images I have of my kids. It’s the real them!

Someday when I look back on these somewhat candid portraits of my children I will remember them just as they are right now. Each of them has such a unique personality that can’t be captured in a box studio, but that I now have images to remember these moments by.

I love that!