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This spring I had a fantastic opportunity for a one-on-one workshop with Daniel J Pesta! Now I have been wanting to go to a photography workshop for some time. However the fact that we are located in such a remote area makes that difficult. Workshops can be expensive, and they are worth it for the kind of mentoring and learning that you get, but when you add travel to that it is much more difficult to make it work.

This opportunity was just too golden to pass up. A mutual friend let me know that Dan was coming through our area and willing to do a workshop with any interested. Well, that ended up being ME. 🙂 So since I was the only one, I had a very unique opportunity for one on one time with an amazing photographer backed by years of experience.

Let me tell you, I soaked it up! Since I am a self-taught photographer it can take me lots of time and experimenting and practice to get things worked out. Being able to ask questions of things that I had run against a wall with and see it in action really gave me a boost. Now I have more tools to use in my own photography journey.

I think that workshops can be a valuable tool especially if you start to feel “stuck” in your work. It’s a great exercise to take tools you learn from another photographer and apply them to your own style.