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So I was doing some thinking about how this year’s “Senior Rush” has been different. Since it’s only my second senior season, I don’t have a lot to go on, but one thing that I really noticed is that word gets around! Oh yeah! We launched CDO Studios with the seniors last year. They kind of gave me that push that I needed to just jump in and do it with photography! So, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for these kids who have reached that AMAZING milestone of high school graduation. I think that they deserve great portraits to look back on from that time! Last year we had a grand total of 6 seniors come through our studio. This year, thanks to word of mouth from proud Aunties, Moms and Grandmas, we have had 21 seniors through the studio, and a couple more on the horizon are trying to squeak in before graduation. 🙂 That has been an amazing jump! At least to my little mind it has. We’ve picked up a couple “non-senior” sessions as well as a couple of weddings in the mix as well.

It really is amazing how client referrals are probably your biggest business booster! One more reason to go for 100% satisfaction. 😉 Though I know that’s not always possible, it nearly is. Treat your clients right and they’ll remember you when someone they know is looking for photos. That’s my tip!