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I had my first Senior Portrait session this year! It was a load of fun! Amazing that we get to do something we love! I used to think that “work” was something that had to be well… work. 😉 Photography has opened new horizons for me because it really IS so fun, even if it does require lots of work!

This shoot was extra fun because we went to an amazing place with lots of HUGE rocks and ended up scrambling up steep spots with all my camera gear hanging around my neck! Ha! It was hilarious, but we got some amazing shots too. The weather was a little uncooperative in that it was blowing like crazy and since we were around the dunes, it was blowing SAND! Ack! We’re probably still finding sand in our hair and ears, but it was more than worth it!

This shoot was for Sarah and Jen who have been friends since the 4th grade! Can you imagine that? They are vivacious and fun personalities with plenty of differences. They have such spirit and ambition that it was refreshing just to be around them. We spent the majority of 2 hours laughing like crazy and just having a crazy, good time! I think that it’s important for the experience of the photo shoot to be just as memorable as the photos that we take. I’m convinced that we accomplished both of those things this day!

Jen is going to go on to college and has plans to become a dental hygienist. Sarah also will be going to school for nursing. I’m excited about the future for both of these amazing young women!

Thanks girls for letting me be part of your amazing journey!