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This past weekend my lovely sis-in-law and nephew were here to visit.  While they were here having a blast playing with the cuzes and having snacks, we managed to squeeze in a short photo shoot.  Mr. A turned 3 in Nov, but I was so happy that they waited to get his pics because we had a blast doing them!  He is quite the little ham and to every question I’d ask him during the shoot the answer was always N0o00000 accompanied by a big grin, so I was cool with that.  Ha!  It went something like this.  “Can you say pickles?” “Noooooooooo” *grin*  Funny funny boy!  I also got some great “outtakes” pictures with him being goofy, which in my mind can sometimes be the best shots.  After all,  you want to remember what they were REALLY like right? 😉

I had a great time!  Thank for letting me take your pics!  Looking forward to the next time we can get together too!