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Stuart and I got to take a jaunt down to Phoenix last weekend for their HUGE bridal show! I spoke to Shannon Underwood over the phone a month or so before just to get information about the show. She is so amazing and helpful! I wish we could have met her while we were down there, but needless to say it was a busy day for her! Her husband greeted us at the door though and was very helpful in pointing us to where we needed to go.

The show was overwhelming to say the least! It was packed with brides-to-be, grooms-to-be and their parents, brides maids, and whoever else you could think of! 🙂 Some of the booths were absolutely fantastic, and so creatively done! I was having a blast just trying to take it all in, and I wasn’t even a vendor!!

We were able to get some very helpful information and a lot of great ideas while we were there. We don’t know if the bridal show will one day have a booth for CDO Studios, but we’re looking into that possibility for the future!

In the meantime if you know someone who is getting married soon and needs a photographer, send them our way! We LOVE referrals!