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Miss C {Albuquerque Newborn Photographer}

Our little Sweetie! She couldn't look more different from her twin sister! It totally cracks me up that my darkest and lightest children happen to be twins! So funny! But we don't have any trouble telling them apart! Confession: I have had this specific basket for...

Mrs. J {Albuquerque Maternity Photographer}

I had the honor of capturing this special time of anticipation for this mama-to-be, her hubby and their baby on the way! It was double anticipation because they hadn't found out the baby gender, so it was a big surprise!! I couldn't believe how itty bitty this mama...

Mr. X 6 Month Slideshow

What an adorable little chunk muffin Mr. X has become! I saw him last when he was just itty-bitty, and am amazed, as always, at how time has flown and how he has grown! I love his curly mop-top and adorable grin!

Our Sweet Girl

This was one of my favorite photos of one of our twins! Of course, probably all the photos are going to end up being my favorites! 😉 I have such a hard time choosing! Glad I can relate to clients who have difficulty narrowing down their favorite choices as well! 🙂